Most Favored Album Journey: Crabby Appleton vs. The Who

This competition has had some real insights into my particular passion for the type of music I like and why I like it. In this battle I have made a decision to slightly change some of the rules. More on that later.

I know exactly how I came across discovering Crabby Appleton. It was about two years ago when I realized that there was some classic rock I was missing. Since some of my tastes veer away from the mainstream, I thought there had to be bands in the past that were not as popular and perhaps just as good, waiting for me to discover. I looked up on the interwebs something like best unknown classic rock bands, and Crabby Appleton was on the list. Interestingly enough, I came across an interview with Dick Clark and Crabby Appleton where Dick asked them about playing at the Old Mill in Salt Lake City. I grew up near the Old Mill and never realized that back in the 60s and 70s, it was a destination of sorts for bigger bands in a smaller venue. Here is a great article about the era. Crabby Appleton made only two albums, and in my opinion, one was great, the other, not so much. Perhaps all of this made me like this band so much. It is great music and all, and I wondered why they stopped.

Crabby Appleton went up against The Who’s Tommy. It was really no contest. Tommy is the ruler of concept albums and has such depth of music and story with levels of intensity and comedy, this is truly no contest. Plus, they have Keith Moon. When I truly discovered my appreciation of The Who a few years back, that is what got me interested in what else I had been missing. It is not like I didn’t like The Who, I just didn’t realize the depth at which I could feel their power.

Tommy (The Who album) - Wikipedia

So, this was no contest and I had an idea in light of this battle, as well as finding out that I didn’t like Superstition all that much. Crabby Appleton is good, but to me they are just not as epic as some of the others I enjoyed. The new rule is this: If I don’t feel like the loser in a battle is as good as I recall nor would it stand well with the other epic albums in the bunch, I’ll pull out an honorable mention and replace it in the loser bracket. This new one gets one chance to win or it is out. Also, it should be from the same category. So, in light of this, I am replacing Siouxsie and the Banshees, Superstition with Steam Powered Giraffe, The 2¢ Show in the Alternative category. I am also replacing Crabby Appleton with The Black Keys, El Camino in the Rock category.

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